Rochedale - Decramastic Tile Conversion

"We recently had Aron and the boys put a new Colorbond roof to our ageing house.We are very happy with the level of work they carried out. It had totally changed the look and value.I would recommend A1 Metal Roofing Solutions to anyone that is looking to reroof or roof your new house.Job well done guys,thanks again."

This home roof conversion dramatically upgraded the whole appearance of this lovely brick home.

The old Decramastic roof was replaced with brand-new Colorbond Custom Orb shade Monument, with Bluescopes 30 year warranty. Also with Earth-wool anti-con insulation blanket to improve heating and cooling of their home. It reduces energy usage and will save our clients money on power plus it is Eco friendly! Two whirlybirds perfectly colour matched to the new roof colour to allow more savings on heating and cooling, also reducing possible mould hot spots to they're ceiling areas were also installed.

Our clients made a fantastic decision to also protect their gutters and home by A1 installing aluminium gutter mesh, again colour matched with our suppliers 15 year warranty. They have a lot of gum trees around their home from neighbouring properties, so with their wise decision they can sit back and not have to worry about gutter cleaning maintenance in the future or the fire risk that debris could cause.

Covered By our Company 8 year Maintenance and our Product Warranties plus all of their wise roofing product decisions. Bill and his family can enjoy their new Roof for a life time to come with easy care and looking awesome.

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