Asbestos Removal

Asbestos RemovalDoes your home or work place have an ASBESTOS roof?

Did you know that one third of houses built before 1987 contain asbestos materials inside them

As an asbestos roof increases in age, so does the risk of deterioration and the release of asbestos particles into the surrounding environment. Now, more homeowners are having their asbestos roof sheeting removed and replaced with colorbond sheeting.

Why is it important to remove any Asbestos in your home?

When asbestos products deteriorate or are disturbed, dangerous minute asbestos fibers and dust, that are frequently not visible to the naked eye, are released. When inhaled or swallowed the asbestos fibers can lodge in internal organs and cause cancer many years later.There is therefore no safe level of asbestos exposure

Asbestos RemovalIs it Asbestos? Not sure if the item contains asbestos?

There are two classes of asbestos types.

Friable (Class A) Asbestos is classified as any material found under ground level, as well as a few older forms of insulation used domestic heaters and stoves and in ceiling insulation products. Ceiling insulation containing asbestos was generally used in commercial buildings. In most cases, glass fibers have replaced asbestos in today’s insulation products.

Bonded (Class B) Asbestos is a fiber-cement product. The asbestos is firmly embedded in a hardened matrix. The bonded sheets are flat, corrugated or circular tubes.It is now Law that the removal and handling of asbestos products are to be carried out by approved license holders.

A1 Metal Roofing Solutions holds B Class Licenses for all workers and is always updating their product and safety knowledge with all law and industry changes.

At A1 Metal Roofing Solutions we have very strict procedures in place to make sure that the health of your family and neighbors comes first.

Asbestos RemovalOur Eight Steps to Safe Asbestos Roof Removal

  1. We Endeavour to mail drop a courtesy letter to all surrounding neighbors of safety measures while asbestos removal work is being carried out.
  2. All Roofers have Asbestos removal licenses and are qualified to remove asbestos safely.
  3. We use all the latest safety gear and procedures for all are asbestos work for your safety. Adhering to the strict Workplace Health & Safety requirements.
  4. We spray PVA glue onto the surface of your roof before any screws or sheets are removed.
  5. Industrial rated vacuums designed for asbestos removal are used to clean ceilings following removal.
  6. Once removed, asbestos materials are wrapped in black plastic ready for prompt removal.
  7. Transportation of wrapped packs is undertaken by licensed asbestos transporters.Asbestos Removal
  8. Following removal of asbestos, and all other roofing works, the site is left clean and tidy.

We proudly removed this old and dated Asbestos roof on this commercial premises. Owned by the Brisbane icon business John Gill Timber man. It went under in the 1974 and 2011 floods and like Amazing Australian Battlers are still going strong today, this premises is based in Rocklea.