Guttering / Leaf Guard

Guttering / Leaf GuardGUTTERING

All gutters and downpipes eventually need replacing. If yours are rusted, leaking, or blocked beyond repair, let us come out for a measure and quote. We have a great range of COLORBOND® or aluminium products to choose from, with or without gutter mesh protection.

All roofing services in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs can be trusted with A1 Metal Roofing Solutions.

Perfectly matched colours

  • Only guttering and downpipes from COLORBOND® steel can truly colour match a roof made from COLORBOND® steel.
  • COLORBOND® steel leads homeowners choice in roofing colours - choose from a palette of 20 beautiful colours.
  • Cutting edge coating technology guarantees COLORBOND® steel looks newer for longer.





Guttering / Leaf GuardLEAFGUARDS

Why Have LeafGuards?

Without gutter protection, when leaves are washed or blown down the roof they generally end up trapped in the gutter creating a potential fire hazard! 
This trapped leaf debris eventually breaks down into mulch which tends to hold moisture long after rain has passed, promoting premature breakdown of guttering. Debris may also block down pipes and gutters, which can cause flooding of eaves and ceiling which may prove very costly to repair.


  • Makes a great leaf guard by eliminating leaf and debris in gutters
  • Gutter cleaning is no longer dangerous
  • Guttering downpipes have a significantly increased lifespan
  • Greatly improves the quality & effectiveness of tank water systems
  • Successfully keeps out all birds and pests
  • Reduces hazards associated with bushfire

Our Products
We have two amazing product solutions for your guttering needs

Our Aluminium Gutter

  • Our aluminium mesh will not melt like the plastic mesh
  • Our Aluminium mesh are powder coated & will not rust
  • They all come in a wide range of Colorbond colours
  • Lightweight see-through mesh
  • Range of mesh contours to suit your metal profiles

We offer a 15 YEAR GUARANTEE