Eco Roofing

Eco RoofingWe pride on being an Eco friendly and Sustainable Roofing Company

Your Greener Choice in Roofing

A Metal Roof is an environmentally friendly choice. It’s lighter than concrete or clay roofing, which means transportation is more energy-efficient. It requires less framing support, which saves resources. And it’s made from steel, which is endlessly recyclable. It also has a longer life span than concrete or clay products with minimal maintenance required during its life span. Which is great for you hip pocket.

Eco RoofingWe use Steel

Steel is the most eco friendly material in the world. In fact it can be recycled infinitely, without losing any of its qualities. So when our Colorbond products reach the end of its useful life, it doesn’t need to end up in landfill. It can be reworked into another steel product. All our products used are Australian made.

We are committed to Sustainability and Safety

What Sustainability means to us

As a company, we naturally meet the needs of customers, but we seek to do this without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. That is what we mean by sustainable practices. It is good business as well as good sense.
But there is more to it than that. A sustainable practice also demands rigorous environmental stewardship. If we cannot always prevent harm, we can minimize and remediate any negative environmental effects of the Company products and operations. To ensure this, we have developed high standards that we maintain by implementing a wide range of practical programs. These apply to issues that include air quality, ecosystems, biodiversity, climate change, and the use of energy, land and water, waste disposal.

To us here at A1 metal Roofing Solutions sustainability is a process, a journey we have committed to for the whole longevity of our companies practices.

Eco RoofingHow is Steel Sustainable?

Steel is 100% recyclable- its form can be changed infinitely without its qualities being lost as mentioned above.

Due to its magnetic properties, steel is easy to separate from waste streams, enabling high recovery rates.

The by-products arising from steel production are all re-used.

How do we do this?

We have entered into the HIA GreenSmart Professionals and BlueScope Steel Partnerships


  • Our Products are from Australian Made Steel
  • We support local business and Australian made products
  • Our insulation products are not only Eco friendly but are made from recyclable materials and have won awards on improving overall air quality in their field.
  • We recycle our metal waste
  • We like to try to recycle all tiles taken while re-roofing
  • We adhere to the upmost safety practice on each job site
  • Our companies’ director is also qualified to conduct in-service testing of all electrical cord and cord connected equipment for the safety of our workers, homeowners or other jobsite workers.
  • Our employees are aware and educated of their environmental and safety practices while on each site


  • We have not one but two GreenSmart Professionals working in our offices
  • We do not over order
  • We minimize paper usage by using electronic Practices
  • We use solar to fuel our offices energy consumption
  • We offset out carbon footprint by greener choices nominated with the energy that we do use while on the grid
  • We recycle all our office waste
  • We use all chemical free products and greener option in our office cleaning and fair trade consumables when possible.

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