InsulationWhat our clients need to know about the benefits of insulation watch this video or read on!



Without adequate insulation, around a third of energy used for heating and cooling in homes is wasted Insulation is the most effective way of reducing energy bills. Properly installed insulation reduces heat transfer- so the home stays cool in summer and warmer in winter.

OUR Product Earth Wool Insulation Blanket is the world’s first insulation product to receive the coveted eufofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard

  • Earth Wool is Fire safe
  • Blocks Sound
  • Made using Recycled glass and Sand
  • Enhances indoor air quality


Earth Wool Insulation Blanket, it is the best performing insulation in terms of LOW ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT.

Its appearance is a natural shade of earthy brown, with no added dyes, bleaches or artificial colours. It is less dusty and has much softer and friendlier feel. The special binder is up to 70% less energy intensive than formaldehyde binders used in traditional glass wool insulation. As there is no formaldehyde or phenol used in the manufacturing process for earth wool it also improves the indoor air quality of buildings where the product is installed.

It has enhancing environmental credentials whilst maintaining the thermal, acoustic and fire performance and mechanical properties Ask Aron to see a sample when he comes for your free Roof inspection.