Vents or Whirlybirds

Vents or WhirlybirdsA Roof vent ventilation system is effective all year-round, removing hot and moisture-laden air from roof cavities and replacing summer heat and winter damp with fresh air, also reducing possible mould hotspots to ceiling areas.

Talk to Aron when he visits your home in order to analyse your situation. A suitable ventilation system can be prepared on demand. Ventilation is nessary for every house because the improper flow of air can cause several health problems.

Our products come with a 10 year warranty and are Australian Made from non-rust aluminum alloy. They are also fully cyclone approved.

How do they work?

Winter Damp
Up to 12 litres of moisture finds its way into your roof cavity every day from bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. This trapped moisture can promote mould, mildew, rot , odours and peeling paintwork.

A whilybird or Roofvent is the perfect solution as it will help to eradicate this problem and therefore save you money.

Vents or WhirlybirdsSummer Heat
Temperatures in your roof can reach up to 60 *C, which effectively raises the room temperature in your home. This problem places a greater load on the air conditioning and therefore increases your power bill.

Saves you Money
By minimizing heat and moisture not only will you save on energy costs but maintence costs will be reduced, as the structure of the home will be better preserved. Also by removing moist air, the Whirlybird helps to maintain ceiling insulation in a dry condition which once again results in savings on heating and cooling costs.

No Running Costs
The whirlybirds is powered by the wind so there are no on-going running costs. Even in light winds, specially designed vanes catch every passing breeze.

How many Whirlybirds do you need?

House Size                                        No. of units
90- 110 square metres                        1
160-180 square metres                       2
220-270 square metres                       3